Bringing Heaven to Earth

Bringing Heaven to Earth

The only journey is the one within.
-- Rainer Maria Rilke

Lee Ann and Jeannie

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Welcome!I hope you enjoy looking through the different areas of my website and that it somehow supports you in your personal journey toward spiritual awakening in this lifetime.

Humanity is sensing a strong, steady call to actively connect to, and work with, our Divine Self on a daily basis to bring insight, wisdom, and peace to ourselves and to the world. Cyberspace has become such a wonderful way to share ideas globally to support each other in developing this awareness of our “inner space” for creating a purposeful, peaceful life. Life is supposed to be good!

I have seen that my life experiences, and how I approached them, repeatedly served to release unwanted energy and to strengthen my soul presence as I searched for calm solutions to multiple physical dilemmas. And with that stronger presence has come an ability to get my many needs met well, to receive tremendous divine guidance and insight, and to feel a profound sense of peace regardless of the circumstances.

It is my hope that my book, Bringing Heaven to Earth: A Journey Into Grace and Gratitude, will inspire you to look at your life from this broader perspective -- to search for the goodness of Grace in your life and to call It forth for healing, especially when times are difficult. We are ready for a new kind of world. It is in this spirit that I send out my story.

Love to all,

Lee Ann Laraway

Dear Friends,

After a splendid, full life of 54 years, Lee Ann Laraway passed away peacefully at home on November 30 surrounded by family and friends. To read the obituary her family wrote, or to find out where to send memorial donations, see the end of Lee Ann's biography page. She is free to dance with the angels now, and continues to bless us all. We celebrate and give thanks for her life and light!