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So how did this book come into being? I have been told over the years that I should write about how much I have done in life despite my very limited body. However, talking about my accomplishments, by themselves, held no interest for me so I never pursued it.

Nevertheless, sometimes life brings you guidance and clarity, where the importance is only seen in retrospect. That came for me in the form of an intuitive reading I received from Colette Baron-Reid three years ago. Through a chain of events that seemed inconsequential at the time, I landed on her website, signed up to win a free intuitive reading, and about a month later, I won!

I should have known this was Grace in motion because of the way it gently fell into place, and the fact that I never win anything! Colette’s insights regarding the events of my life relating to my spiritual development were profound. I heard many things that day, with one statement she made giving me clear direction. Writing a book about my life story with a focus on grace and gratitude, she said, was part of my spiritual plan. Since that fit with my love of teaching and desire to help others, it felt right. I began writing in earnest about eight months later. I could have started sooner, but I had to have a few more health problems get my attention and draw me back on the right track! Thank goodness the Universe never gives up…

Each time I sat down to write this book, I could feel an expansion of divine energy through my heart, and the text flowed out from there. It has truly been a beautiful experience feeling such Light engage with me in order to offer this book to you. I hope you find it helpful…

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